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Easy Online Exposure

easy-img1For many people once their profile is completed the next question is “Now What? How can we share this with others to help with our outreach?”

Until now, the only options for getting your profile online was an expensive, custom website or conglomerate profile hosting websites with hundreds of other adoptive parents also looking for a match. Hopefully Parents was developed specifically based on client feedback wanting a personalized on-line resource for showcasing their profile. We are pleased to offer this tool for just $175. This is a one-time fee that covers everything from developing your personal page, uploading your profile, maintaining the hosting and making any changes to your information at any time! Also included are 250 personalized outreach cards and a personalized Facebook cover photo! Together these tools are all you need for your personal adoption outreach. What if you have a successful adoption and want to come back in 5 years for baby #2? Yup, this is still included in your original fee. When we say that this fee covers everything, we pretty much mean EVERYTHING!

Personal Profile Hosting

personal-profile-imgHopefully Parents is an online hosting portal for your profile.

You absolutely need to have your profile online so when friend or family member learns of someone experiencing an unintended pregnancy they can immediately share your profile with them. If you’re not online you’re missing opportunities to connect with potential birthparents. HopefullyParents does not have a main page with all our clients listed- when you pass out your outreach cards a birthparent will see YOU and only you! Here are a few of the benefits you will receive:
  1. Your own unique URL link (example:
  2. An instantly viewable profile
  3. All of your contact information available for a birthmother to get in touch with you
  4. No need to maintain a website or hosting
  5. A consistent look and feel for all of your outreach
  6. Useful tools like a personalized Facebook cover photo and 250 outreach cards!
This is a great way to get friends and family that want to help involved because the URL link can be passed around so quickly and easily. It’s a fantastic way to get your profile out there! Consider using the link in your email signature, on your Facebook page or Google+ Profile.

Outreach Materials

outreach-cards-imgHow do you let people know about your online profile?

Why, with Hopefully Parents outreach cards! We will print these matching business cards with your picture and contact information to hand out to friends, tuck in a greeting card for family or use as a leave behind card. Each of your friends should have a handful of cards in their wallet and whenever they contact someone that might have connections to people with an unintended pregnancy they should pass on a card or two. Examples are OBGYN offices, youth pastors, school counselors, sorority house mothers etc. 250 personalized outreach cards are included in the price.