Are Adoption Profiles Necessary??

You may be wondering what an adoption profile is, and if you need one. 

 Your adoption profile is how you will share your story with expectant parents considering adoption. It can be a digital document, printed, or both! You will select photos that show the range of activities and interests you enjoy, showcase your home and community and help the reader get to know your families. The text you create should tell the expectant parents how excited you are to grow your family, and how grateful you are for their consideration. Hopefully your profile is bright, engaging and interesting to look at too! 

Your profile is a really unique document. Is not a "sell sheet" or a resume, and it's not a chronological walk through memory lane. It should share your current lives and your hopes for the future. 

Our Chosen Child

Your photos will be the foundation of your adoption profile. High resolution, good quality photos are the key to making your profile stand out from others. The cover photo is the most influential photo and should make a fantastic first impression! We always suggest a professional photo- or at least one from a nice camera and not a cell phone!  The other, supporting photos should show your family, interests, and day-to-day activities. Photos will always get looked at before text, so always include a great caption with your photos! 

Adoption Profile Design

Your text is a way of sharing your story in a genuine and honest manner. Be thoughtful about your audience as you are writing. Although she wants to get to know you she likely doesn't have an interest in reading a blow-by-blow description of your career path or the names of all your cousins. Keep your text relevant, short, and most of all, honest! Share your personalities and have some fun as you write. 

Adoption Profile Design


So, if you were to ask if Hopefully Parents thinks an Adoption Profile is important the answer would be YES!! A profile is your primary outreach tool and is the only opportunity you have to introduce yourself to expectant parents considering adoption! To see sample profiles click the link below! 

Our Chosen Child, Adoption Profile Design