Colorado family praying to adopt


Loving couple hoping to adopt second child through adoption

Hi! We are the Coggins family. We refer to ourselves as "The Coggi."

God first excited our hearts for adoption in November 2012. We decided to enroll in fostering classes with our county and just started our first classes when we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, Audrey, in January of 2014. We complete the classes and took steps to get certification, but then Audrey was born at 30 weeks gestation and hospitalized for another 9.5 weeks. She came home on oxygen and required ongoing occupational and physical therapy because of her premature birth. She graduated from therapy with no delays in 2016 and we started talking again about expanding our family. The trauma and complications surrounding our daughter’s birth combined with advice from our doctor that another pregnancy would be high-risk, has solidified our decision to grow our family through adoption. In April of 2016, we learned about open adoption and how beneficial this is for all parties. After prayer and consideration, we knew that open adoption was the right choice for us.

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Random Coggi Fun Facts

1. Our favorite holiday is Halloween because we love dressing up and eating candy.

2. Paul currently works the night shift - we joke that he is a nocturnal bat.

3. We became debt-free in 2012 and we plan to stay that way!

4. Paul and Audrey are very extroverted! Chelsea is an introvert and enjoys time by herself reading and in the bath.

6. Our family tradition is when celebrating birthdays or holidays we go to our favorite donut shop down the street called Lamars.

5. We sold our extended cap pickup in 2016 and bought a mini-van to fill up with kids!

Colorado family praying to adopt

FAMILY MISSION STATEMENT: "We will follow Jesus, serve all people, celebrate each other, and choose to have fun!"

In Closing

We cannot wait to meet the child God has for us! We have lots of love in our hearts to give away. We don’t believe that flesh and blood determines family lineage or connections; God has filled up our hearts to see every life as a brother, sister, son, or daughter. We invite you to reach out to us in the hope that you would consider entrusting us with the precious life of your child.

Paul, Chelsea and Audrey

Colorado family of three praying to adopt through open adoption


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