Marie and Corey

Happy loving couple excited to adopt a child adopting adoption

Hi there! We are Corey, Marie and Ian, and we are excited to share our lives with you through this profile, and for you to see how much we will love and cherish the baby placed in our family.

We want you to know the trust you put in us at placement will always be in the forefront of our minds, and we will treasure your child and love your child unconditionally. We have been blessed to find each other on our life path, grow our family through adoption with Ian, and we look forward to expanding our family.

Thank you! We will always share how special you are with your child.



5 Things that make us Happy


  1. Greeting Ian in the morning
  2. Watching students learn to read
  3. Playing trains with Ian
  4. Helping students make good friendships
  5. Quiet time with Ian before putting him to bed


  1. Being a stay-at-home mom
  2. Building confidence in children
  3. Doing art projects and going to the zoo with Ian
  4. Reading, with Ian too!
  5. Making a positive impact in the lives of children

"we cherish time together as a family. we enjoy the simplicities of life and make time to travel, walk and talk, and learn from each other"

our promises

  • We promise to love your child unconditionally. 
  • We promise to play games, read books, travel often, bake cookies and have play time with other children.
  • We promise to make education a priority.
  • We promise to give hugs and kisses and say I love you every day.

With grateful hearts,
Marie and Corey

Loving happy couple excited to adopt a child. Adoption, adopting


Happy loving family excited to adopt a child. Adoption, adopting

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